Rounding up of the best

Every dog needs a collar. Not only so you have something to clip the lead on to, but also so you and your canine companion stay on the right side of the law. The snappily titled Control of Dogs Order 1992 ruled that all pups must wear one in public places, complete with an identity tag showing the owner’s name and address. Collars, like our doggies, come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Alex Frith of dog lifestyle blog Barkarama shares her top picks. Among them you’ll find durable, comfortable and some super-stylish pieces for your faithful hound.

1. Ferplast Hypo-Allergenic Dog Collar: £10,

For collar-phobic canines, this one’s designed to be super-comfortable and won’t irritate sensitive skin. It’s made from a flexible but tough, rubber-like material (it’s waterproof) and adjusts precisely to your dog’s neck measurements. The idiot-proof fastening does away with faffing with pins and buckles, too.


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