If your pet would prefer to stay in their own homes while you’re away, or are low maintenance and only needs socialising for a little while during the day then home visits can be a great option.

I can pop in to feed and play with your pet while also bathing, litter changing and giving medication, if necessary.  While I’m at your place I can also do any household job (putting your bins out, closing/opening curtains and watering plants etc.)


Puppy sitting:

If you’re planning on expanding your household with a new fury family member then puppy sitting is a great idea. For the first few months your pup will need lots of socialising. So, I also offer a puppy sitting service.

While remaining in their own home, your pet will get lots of attention, many cuddles, and any doggy mess will be cleaned up for when you get home. Working on toilet training and simple commands will be practised while I spend time with your pet. However, I would still recommend you take your puppy to regular training classes by a professional. 

Overtime, as they grow, a walking service can be given to introduce them to the great outside world. Starting with small walks leading to a regular routine walk. 



One home visit a day from £10

Two home visits a day from £20

Long term visits can be arranged at a discounted price

A visits will usually last around 30 minutes, if your pet should require shorter/ longer visits or more than two a day then please contact me to arrange something to suit your pet best.